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You can cancel at any time! Cancel within the first 14 days you will not be charged anything beyond your $1! It's a no risk opportunity!


You can cancel at any time! Cancel within the first 14 days you will not be charged anything beyond your $1!  It's a no risk opportunity!

Secure Your Financial Future TODAY by Living Your Dreams and Launching Your Creative Art Business FROM HOME

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the challenges of today can stop you from accomplishing your dreams of tomorrow.

You may be surprised to learn that NOW is the best time to create your self sustaining business or market your art to its fullest potential during this time of difficulty. This one of a kind program will give you the industry’s best kept secrets by some of the most well known artists, brand builders, influencers and entrepreneurs on how to expand your art and your vision and turn it into consistent, plentiful income. 

Ever wonder how they do it? Where did they start? How did they gain momentum? 

The GOT DREAMS platform will show you your true untapped power, and will guide you through a proven system to establish yourself and reach an audience of millions.

We gathered the world’s top ranked artists, brand builders, broadway stars, actors, influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives on the planet, and combined their wealth of knowledge into this innovative program which will teach you how to build a global brand as an artist and entrepreneur…

… all while working from the comfort of home. You CAN do it, and Got Dreams is how. 

Skill Sets Make you the BEST
Marketing Makes you the RE$T


If you’re feeling stuck, or having trouble booking jobs, you aren’t alone.

Let us SHOW YOU how to flip the script and turn your art into products so you can earn your living ONLINE.

With Got Dreams you will learn from the elite in your field, so you know how to become your BEST.


It can be FRUSTRATING when everything you’re trying isn’t working. If you’ve been facing setbacks due to Covid, or just can’t seem to get traction...

LEARN to launch your products and services DIGITALLY (with proven strategies).

This program will teach you the storytelling, presentation, stage mastery, communication and writing skills you need to be successful, and you’ll learn them first had from the most creative artists on the planet .


You have a dream, and you want to make an impact on the world with your art or expertise .

DISCOVER the top marketing and sales strategies for building an AUTOMATED virtual business that generates income for you. 

Add some creativity to your message, and you too could spark a dream that changes your life, and the lives of millions (Like I Did)

And Don't Forget...

You don’t have to be an artist to dream.

What matters is having the RIGHT SKILL SETS for your craft, and the knowledge of how to implement them effortlessly and efficiently. 

The right audience, the right brand building, and the right marketing skills can CHANGE THE WORLD 

You can cancel at any time! Cancel within the first 14 days you will not be charged anything beyond your $1! It's a no risk opportunity!


If you’re an aspiring artist or entrepreneur, then this is FOR YOU!

You have goals, and our network of expert teachers at GOT DREAMS can show you how to regain control of your life and nurture the POWER of your brand from within!

It is NOT up to the elite to decide whether or not you are good enough. 
You make the choice every day, and you can start by:

Learn how to establish and hone the SKILLS you need in order to be the best, most confident version of YOU so that can build your brand and reach millions!

  • Discover the best presentation techniques in the world from some of the TOP broadway stars on the planet
  • Learn how to overcome rejection and objections by unlocking the secrets of how singers build their brand and became superstars
  • ​Every business, or artist needs a story to succeed - and you could learn storytelling from actors and directors who do it for a LIVING.

Uncover the TOP marketing strategies to expand your audience or fan base by growing your Instagram, Facebook, YoutTube and Email List

  • Position yourself to become a social media influencer by using storytelling, messaging and presentation secrets to Launch Your Art, Products or Services Online
  • ​Reach millions every day with the least ad spend possible
  • ​Create sales funnels that sell your products FOR YOU
  • ​Create engaging content that will convert subscribers and fans into HIGH PAYING clients

Implement Basic Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Brand or Business 10 or 20 Fold

  • Step-by-step instruction on How to Build Brand Awareness using my proven strategies
  • ​Running ads for dummies - simple introductions into creating high converting ads to advertise your art or business
  • ​Gain first-hand knowledge of how other artists and entrepreneurs are advertising to become the TOP sought after experts in their respective fields


My business brings in 2,000 new customers a month from these marketing strategies.
It’s time to get out of the OLD world where you have no control and get into the NEW virtual world where dreams come true.


 Yes, Edinburg Scotland has the largest theater festival in the world.
I’m performing there in 2021

What would take me 20 Days of performances there to get 2,000 people watching my play was done in 2 days ONLINE. 

Entrepreneurs, this past weekend we had 200 people who paid $9,000 each for our 4 day online live training.

Yes this is real, and you too can own and monetize your dreams.

My Name is Ted McGrath, I’m and artist and an entrepreneur. I started in the insurance business at 21 years old, cracked 6 figures, and Overdosed from ecstasy, cocaine and 15 drinks that night. My dream almost died inside me.

At 28 I became the number 5 partner out of 500 partners for the top insurance company. And had the question “Is this all there is to my life?” I hated the person I saw in the mirror every day.

I resigned to become and entrepreneur, lost my 2 houses, my $110,000 car, and all my money.

Then I woke up, to the message and artist inside me.

I built a brand called Message to Millions that helps you get your products, programs and services to millions while changing lives.

I’ve reached 17 million people and done over 13 million in online sales in the last two years.  

When the world shut down, I launched my one man play Good Enough online, and in 2 days 2500 people registered online to watch it virtually. I wrote and performed this play over the last 7 year all around the world. (And up until 7 years ago I was an an entrepreneur, not an Artist)

In 2020 my life story of Good Enough got fully funded to become a feature film that I’m now starring in. My secret dream was born.

So you see, my marketing, branding STRATEGIES, as well as entrepreneurial and acting SKILLS have allowed me to become a global brand, even though most of my life I never felt Good Enough.

The Cost of Inaction:

  • You continue to struggle and fail by working for someone else
  • ​Your talent and true potential is never discovered
  • ​All the work you have put in to your art or business thus far goes to waste
  • ​You spend your life unfulfilled and wondering “What If?”

 Master New Skill Sets for Your Industry or Craft

  Grow a Massive Audience and Customer Base
 Build A Global Brand

 Sell Your Art, Products Or Services 24/7/365

 Be Fulfilled, Happy, Live Your Dream and Make Your Dent in the Universe!!!

The world won’t wait around for you to uncover your potential and live your dreams. Every moment that passes without action is a moment wasted. Breathe life into your dreams by starting your 14 day $1 trial today!

Coming Soon!

Each month we launch two brand new courses in the area of NEW SKILL sets for your Art/Business and NEW marketing strategies to grow your audience! 

Every Month we will Stream a live performance of Plays, Concerts, Stand Up Comedy and Much more into your Home. 

In Several Months Our Social Platform launches where you will be able to create your profiles and make your work known. 

After that we set up your store so you can sell your art or products on the Got Dreams Platform. 
Oh yeah! We got Dreams too, and the best part, it’s for you and for us!

We are what we Dream! 

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